Helping Customers Achieve Ownership of Outdoor Structures

Fast instant approval

  • Quality Immediately.
  • As low as $150 security deposit plus first month’s rent to get started.

No Credit Check a simple solution

  • Avoid unwanted credit inquiries.
  • Save credit for when you need it.
  • Don’t need great credit to rent-to-own.

Flexible payment options

  • AutoPay
  • E-Billing
  • Mail

Affordable monthly payments

  • Rent-to-Own storage for about the same cost as renting a storage unit.
  • Enjoy convenient storage in your own backyard.

1 month rent-to-own agreement

  • The initial rental term is 1 month, and with each payment made the agreement is automatically renewed.
  • You are renting-to-own the building and not purchasing on contract, so if for any reason you need to return the building, you can.

Ownership in 36 months or less

  • No penalties to purchase early.
  • Take advantage of the Early Purchase Option (EPO) and SAVE up to 45% on the remaining balance.

FAQ frequently asked questions

  • When will I start making payments?
    Your deposit and first payment are due before delivery, at signing. Your second payment will be due approximately one month after delivery.
  • What happens to my deposit?
    The deposit can be applied to either your EPO or last payment. You won’t have to wait for a rebate check to arrive in in the mail.
  • Is this a loan?
    No. It is a rental-purchase agreement. You are renting with an option to buy at any tibr>
  • Can I pay extra principle?
    With Rent-to-Own there is NO principle or interest. Any additional amount paid over the regular rental amount goes into your Reserve Account, which can be applied to the EPO at any time.
  • Can I payoff early without penalty?
    Absolutely…Call our friendly customer service representatives to receive your EPO at any time.
  • What is Protection+?
    With our club program, your building is protected in case it is damaged or destroyed. Plus, you’ll have access to many other great benefits.

Get Started 3 Easy Steps

  1. Select Your New Property – Choose the style, colors and options of your building, gazebo, shed, swing set, etc.
  2. Complete Application – Provide your information and get instant approval. Quick & Easy.
  3. Schedule Delivery – Review and complete the rental-purchase agreement. Pay your security deposit and first month’s rent, and the dealer will schedule delivery time.

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